Welcome to The Campfire Kitchen

Ever try to cook over your campfire with results between tasty and disaster, because most cooking grills out there are stationary, and most times you either burn your hands or your food.

The Campfire Kitchen literally sets up in minutes and the only tool you need to set it up is a hammer to install the anchors. Just figure out the placement in relation to your fire pit and install the anchors. Then simply remove the main support cap and slide on the grill arm.

There are a series of holes in the main support. Just figure out what height your grill needs to be and insert the locking pin at that level. Now you’re ready to cook. The Campfire Kitchen can be adjusted from 12 inches all the way up to 40 inches, in case you have a raised fire pit at your home.
The Campfire Kitchen is easy to set up and can be built anywhere. If you want to take it to a campground and set it up, it’s easy to do. If you want it for your fire pit at home you can mount it permanently. The Campfire Kitchen is made from strong ridged steel and stainless steel, so it will last for years.
I think we'd all agree food is one of the greatest parts of life. Especially when it is properly prepared and it must be tasty. Now that sounds like a perfect setting to me. We all know cooking over an open fire creates some of the tastiest food ever. The problem is until now there hasn't been an efficient cooking system that would produce an end result worth eating. The Campfire Kitchen is the campfire grilling system everyone's been waiting for.